Pregest is a registered trademark on December 4, 2015 trade and services : gaming software, software (registered programs), computer peripherals at INPI FRANCE, National Institute of Industrial Property.
Pregest is also a competence as start-up service or consulting activity for the implementation of expert digital solutions at the level of the general management with main marketplaces actors.
@2015-2018 Pregest, logo and its subsidiaries, application softwares and video games, sounds and scores for games are a registered trademark who is the property of G. Boccanfuso. All right reserved.
Video games powered by Epic Games Unreal Engine 4 with full source code, registered trademarks of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States and elsewhere.
Pregest trademark (FR) - - BOPI 15/52- VOL. I 24/12/2015 -  N° National 15 4 231 184 4/12/2015 92 INPI.
Trademark of game software, software (recorded programs), computer peripherals.
Pregest helps Your business to fly into the digital age.